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a technological revolution
by Photobiomodulation 

The MILTA technology is a synergistic combination of NPCM (Nano-Pulsed cold Laser), infrared & RGB diodes emitting through a magnetic tunnel.


This synergy allows the MILTA to act at an unequal depth, which is inaccessible to conventional LEDs, thanks to the informational propagation of photon up to 13 cm in the soft tissues.

By a cascade of biological processes, the emitted photons stimulate tissue restoration processes acting at the heart of the cell. 

The greatest success of MILTA isn the regulation of inflammation and the reduction of pain, not to mention the healing effect on the skin, muscles, bone healing and skin rejuvenation. 

This advance is very effective, painless, athermic, non-invasive & without any side effects which has been the subject of many scientific works since the 1970s.

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The light emission's therapeutic effects on the living tissues depend ont he wavelength, intestin and frequency of the selected propagation.

In order to make the practitioner's work easier, MILTA has developed preset programs which allow them to choose the desired therapeutic action. 


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