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Discover the universe of your microbiota

Thanks to the 1st GniomCheck test, analysis of the intestinal microbiota

by DNA sequencing of intestinal bacteria

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What if the secret to your well-being was in your intestines?

The microbiota revolution

Our belly is a key player in our health, our morale and  even our weight!

The bacteria that line it and form the microbiota participate not only in digestion but also in the proper functioning of the immune system, the production of neurotransmitters, the regulation of appetite and many other mechanisms.

But today, our way of life: an overly processed and undiversified diet, stress, antibiotics,  pollution, etc.;  often comes to unbalance it.

Result: 80% of pathologies have a digestive origin.


How does the GniomCheck test work?




To analyse


Result & Tips


Some foods can cause  inflammation and  permeability of the intestinal mucosa.

From  pathogenic bacteria  will then take over our good bacteria. This chronic inflammation will lead to insulin resistance, a source of overweight and metabolic syndrome.

Why use the test


A map of your microbiota
Quick and easy to use

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Many disorders, a single analysis. The GniomCheck kit allows sampling  of easy sample, it offers a simple use in any autonomy at home.
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A full report
& personalized
Access your profile and benefit from personalized recommendations
Get actionable insights and recommendations now on:
The diversity of intestinal bacteria
  Intestinal permeability
The presence of dysbiosis
The propensity to develop intolerances
The immune system
The  tendency to gain weight
Synthesis of vitamins
The type of microbiota
Balance  Emotional & Sleep
Indicator of inflammation and constipation
The science behind your gut
High throughput sequencing technology
Thanks to DNA analysis using high-throughput sequencing technology, it is for the first time possible to measure and quantify all bacteria.
Our laboratory has a database made up of more than 6,000 scientific studies carried out around the world on the intestinal flora, and which is constantly expanding.
Interpretation  of your profile is then based on this scientifically based knowledge and on algorithms  machine learning.
Live the Gniom Check experience

Order today and receive  your set  your house  within 48 hours

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Because respecting your privacy is our priority

Secure data

To ensure the confidentiality of your data and your results, your data is subject to the regulations  French and European  on data protection ( GDPR ) .  We  guarantee  the anonymity of your data.

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