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Interaction between innovative and human technologies


Technologies adapted to the needs of the practitioner


Our values & commitments

Because we are concerned about the health of our customers, we make it a point of honor that our production circuit  be the most transparent and  clean in the use of harmful substances.


We strive daily to reduce and eliminate harmful elements from devices.

A production based on cleaner compounds in order to pass on to future generations a better world.


As a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, it is our responsibility to ensure that our technologies do not harm the planet.


We favor local and French suppliers and companies in order to better control our production.

Qui sommes nous
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an integrative vision

Physioquanta is a Montpellier company created in 2006 by Guillaume MOREAU.


Avant-garde, it offers innovative solutions dedicated to doctors and therapists to support their patients every day towards integrative health, in understanding the human being at the heart of his environment.  


Physioquanta devotes a large part of its activity to research and development in the field of new technologies. 


1 TER rue de la Garrigue - ZA du Bosc 34130 Mudaison


+33(0)4 67 65 75 18


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